Skills Now: Maximise your Employability

Part-time online course for Students - Graduate employability

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Course length

5 hours


29th November  – 19th January 2022

USD $49

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Who is this course for?

People who are currently studying

Top employers need people who finish university to be ready for the world of work. This course is designed to help students develop key skills top employers demand from students moving into the world of work. Learning and developing these skills while you study will help you to land your dream job when you graduate.

What is the course?

Your chance to stand out

The course content is focused on helping you learn how to become the highly skilled person top employers are looking for when you finish university. This course uses real businesses, scenarios and challenges developed with the world’s top employers. Skills Now: Maximise your employability is split into five core modules built around the five core skills employers look for from the top graduates they employ.

What will I get when I complete the course?

Digital Certification

You will be able to show you are a stand-out candidate to top employers with a digital certificate you can share on social media and shout about on your CV.

How do I fit this course in while I study? 

Studying online at your own pace

No deadlines or lectures, this is your chance to take control of your career prospects while you study. This five-hour flexible bitesize course can be completed at your own pace making it easy to fit around your study commitments.

Who are the instructors? ‍

We worked with over 20 key employers to create the course content, including:


Amazon, Julia Harvie-Liddel, Director, Talent Acquisition EMEA

PwC, Hsern-Wei, Head of PwC’s Academy & Executive Director

Shell Foundation, Shveta Sarin, Business Development Advisor

Estee Lauder, Allan Ang, Head of Talent

Uber, Ed Kitchen GM Operations, Grocery & New Verticals

Hear from some of our course instructors



In our increasingly uncertain world, resilience has never been so important. In the fast paced world of work it may often feel there isn’t enough time – you will face ambiguity, pressures and a lack of answers. But you will still need to deliver results. How will you embrace these challenges, bounce back from failures and learn from them? You will gain insights and understanding that will help you navigate this ambiguity and thrive within it.


Agility is critical at transition points – and your move from education into the world of work is one of the biggest transitions of your life. You must able to adapt quickly to new settings and teams. This skill helps you move between tasks and projects, flexible in how you work and find solutions. We will provide insights and ways to develop your agility now, for the transitions and challenges of tomorrow.


Collaboration is the skill of working effectively with others, and whilst you may have had to do this at school or university, your first steps into employment will mean having to collaborate across a much more diverse range of stakeholders and colleagues – many who will be very different to you - and still deliver results. We'll explore what collaboration is, how you can be effective in a diverse workplace and be the person your boss turns to when they need a team or project leader.

Problem solving

Problems today are more complex than ever and tackling them requires a certain mind set. You must be curious and open to new ideas and thinking. Complex problems require creative solutions from innovators and 'disruptors’. In an information-loaded world, your job will often be to interpret and distil information to contribute to these creative solutions. What skills will help you here and where can you practice them? 


Communication is a key skill for success – a vital component of most aspects of the world of work. Your choice of words, your tone, and crucially, your listening and questioning skills are all essential in good communication. As we communicate across an ever increasing number of platforms and means at the same time, making sure your messages land and that people can really hear you is critical. We’ll consider how to make sure your words resonate and develop the listening skills that employers say are so critical. 

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